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تمام صفحات | پچھلا صفحہ (-Acal) | اگلا صفحہ (A Golden Dart Kills Where It Pleases)
A-BurtonA-Cock HorseA-Day
A Back Hand That Is OutA BactorA Bad Beginning Makes A Bad Ending
A Bad Bush Is Better Than The Open FieldA Bad Cat Deserves A Bad RatA Bad Conscience
A Bad Cook Licks His Own FingersA Bad Daughter-In-Law Is Worse Than A Thousand DevilsA Bad Egg
A Bad Good Etc SortA Bad Husband Cannot Be A Good ManA Bad Jack May Have As Bad A Jill
A Bad Man Is Worse Than Bad DeedsA Bad Neighbour Is As Great Evil As A Good Neighbour Is An AdvantageA Bad Padlock Invites A Picklock
A Bad SubjectA Bad WasterA Bad Way Has A Bad End
A Bad Workman Always Quarrels With His ToolsA Bad Workman Quarrels With His ToolsA Bag Of Bones
A Bald Head Is Soon ShavenA Ball Being OutA Ball Of Fire
A Bar To Doing SomethingA Barber Learns To Shave By Shaving FoolsA Bargain Is After All A Bargain
A Barley Corn Is Better Than A Diamond To A CockA Base Coin Never RunsA Battery
A Battery OfA Battle Of WitsA Bean In Liberty Is Better Than A Comfit In A Prison
A Beast OfA Beautifully Neighboured TownA Bed Quarter Of An Hour
A Bee In Ones BonnetA Beer With A Sore HeadA Beggar Can Never Be Bankrupt
A Beggar Dances Before A ThiefA Big Head And Little ColtA Big Head And Little Wit
A Big NoiseA BindA Binding Contract
A Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In The BushA Bird In Hand Is Worth Than Two In BushA Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
A Bird In Hand Is Worth Two In The BushesA BitA Bit As
A Bit At A TimeA Bit In The Morning Is Better Than Nothing All DayA Bit Like
A Bit MuchA Bit Of All RightA Bit Part
A Bit PreviousA Bit ThickA Bite To Eat
A Bitter CupA Bitter Jest Is The Poison Of FriendshipA Bitter Pill To Swallow
A Black And White Decision Or Issue Or QuestionA Black DayA Black Hen Lays A White Egg
A Black Hen Lays White EggsA Black Sheep Spoils The Whole FlockA Blank Page
A Blind Man Is No Judge Of ColoursA Blind Man May Catch A HareA Blind Mans Wife Needs No Paint
A Blood Is Alike AncientA Blot Is No Blot Until It Be HitA Blot On The Escutcheon
A Blow For A BlowA Bo MasumA Board Two Inches Thick
A Boaster And A Liar Are CousinsA Body OfA Bolt From The Blue
A Bone To Pick Or GnawA Book Is A Friend That Never DeceivesA Bootjack
A BortionA Bout Of Flu Or Nausea Or Depression EtcA Brace Of Something
A Brand From The BurningA BrasiveA Brave Man Or A Fortunate One Is Able To Bear Envy
A Brave Retreat Is A Brave ExploitA Breach Of Security Or Dut EtcA Break In The Weather
A Breath Of Air Or WindA Breath Of Fresh AirA Bribe Will Enter Without Knocking
A Brick Wall Laid With PlasterA Bridle For A Tongue Is A Necessary Piece Of FurnitureA Brief
A Broken Sack Will Hold No CornA Broth Of A BoyA Brother Is A Friend Given By Nature
A Brush With Death Or A Brush With The Law EtcA BsoluteA Bsolute Magnitude
A Bsolute ZeroA Bubble Of A SeaA Bull In A China Shop
A Bumt Child Dreads The FireA Burnt Child Dreads The FireA Burnt Rope Does Not Lose In Twist
A Burst Of SomethingA Busy BeeA Busy Person Is Safe From Temptation
A ButmentA ByssalA C T H
A Cack Eaten In Peace Is Better Than Two In TroubleA Call For TrumpsA Call To The Bar
A CalmA Canterbury TaleA Capful Of Wind
A CappellaA Careless Watch Invites The Vigilant FoeA Carper Will Cavil At Anything
A Case Of PistolsA Cast-Iron Excuse Or Alibi Or Guarantee EtcA Cat May Look At A King
A Cause De CyA CcoucheurA Certain Age
A Certain Or Fair Amount OfA Certain PersonA Cetic Acid
A CetyleneA Change Of VenueA Changeless Purpose
A Chapter Of AccidentsA Charitable Man Is A True Lover Of GodA Cheerful Look Makes A Dish A Feast
A Cheerful Wife Is The Joy Of LifeA Cheritable Person Is Dear And Near To GodA Child In Cradle
A Child Or Infant In ArmA Child Pursues A Flying BirdA Chip Of The Old Block
A Chondro Plasiac DwarfA Chorus Of ThanksA Chromatin
A ChurningA Civil Danial Is Better Than A Rude GrantA Clap Of Thunder
A Clap On The Back Or ShoulderA Classic Example Or Case EtcA Clean Bill Of Health
A Clean BreakA Clean CopyA Clean Sheet Or Slate
A Clean SweepA Clear Concience Bears No TroubleA Clear Conscience
A Clear Conscience Is A Coat Of MailA Clear HeadA Clear Picture Or Idea
A Clinic LineA Clip Round The EarA Close Mouth Catcheth And Files
A Closed BookA Closed Mouth Catches No FliesA Closed Mouth Catches No Fly
A Cloud Of Dust Or Smoke Or Gas EtcA Cloud Of WordsA Cloud On The Horizon
A Clutch OfA Clutch Of Eggs Or ChickensA Code Of Ethics
A Common Blot Is Held No StainA Common PurseA Commune Observantia Non Est Recedendum
A Complex Of Road Or Regulation EtcA Compulsive Liar Or Gambler EtcA Conscious Effort Or Decision Or Attempt Etc
A Constant Guest Is Never WelcomeA Constant Guest Is Not WelcomedA Constellation Of
A Contented Mind Is A Continual FeastA Contingentia Mundi ArgumentA Controversial Figure
A CoupleA Couple OfA Courageous Foe Is Better Than A Cowardly Friend
A Coustic PropertiesA Cover ForA Covetous Man Does Nothing That He Should Till He Dies
A Covetous Man Is Never SatisfiedA Cquired CharacterA Crack Of The Swip
A Cracked Bell Can Never Sound WellA Cracked GroatA Crafty Knave Needs No Broker
A Creacking Cart Goes Long On The WheelsA Credit AccountA Cromion Process
A Crooked Stick Has A Crooked ShadowA Crooked Stick Will Have A Croocked A ShadowA Crop Of
A Crow Cannot Become White By Washing Itself With SoapA Crow Is Never The Whiter For Washing Himself OftenA Crowd Is Not Company
A Crowd Of Books Distracts The MindA Crown Is No Cure For The HeadacheA Crushing Reply
A Crust Cow Hath Short HornsA CuriosityA Curse To The Family
A Cut AboveA CuteA Danger Foreseen Is Half Avoided
A Dangerous CourseA Dash Or Touch Of The Tar BrushA Day After The Fair
A Dead As A NitA Dead Bee Maketh No HoneyA Dead Dog
A Dead Mouse Feels No ColdA Dead NoserA Deal
A Deathly HushA Debit AccountA Decent Reply
A Deep OneA Desperate Man All Things CanA Deux
A Devil Of A JobA Diamond Daughter Turns To Glass As A WifeA Difficult Question
A Dipic AcidA Disarmed Peace Is WeakA Discontented Man Knows Not Where To Sit Easy
A Disease Known Is Half CuredA Dish CloutA Distinct Or Real Possibility
A Divided House Cannot StandA Double BillA Doubtful Remedy Is Better Than None
A Drop Of Honey Catches More Flies Than A Hogshead Of VinegarA Drowning Man Catches At A StrawA Drowning Man Will Catch At A Straw
A Dry Cough Is The Trumpeter Of DeathA Dumb Man Holds AllA F
A Factory Lay OffA Faint IdeaA Fair Day In Winter Is The Mother Of A Storm
A Fair Death Honours The Whole LifeA Fair Face Is Half A PortionA Fair Face May Hid A Foul Heart
A Fair Face May Hide A Foul HeartA Fair Face Needs No PaintA Fair Fight
A Far CryA Far Cry FromA Faraway Place
A Fat Lot Of GoodA Fat Lot Of UseA Fault-Mender Is Better Than A Fault-Finder
A Fault Confessed Is Half RedressedA Favour Ill Placed Is A Great WasteA Feast Singh Etc Fit For The Gods
A Feeble Body Makes The Mind WeakA Fevered ImaginationA Few
A Fiery TemperA Figure Among CiphersA Figure Among Cyphers
A File Of ManA Filling Has Come OutA Fine Piece
A Fit Of NervesA Fit Of PiqueA Five Bottle Man
A Flash Of Hope FleshA Flow Will Have An EbbA Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
A Fool Cannot Be StillA Fool Is Better Than An Abstinate ManA Fool May Ask More Questions In Hour Than A Wise Man Can Answer In Seven Years
A Fool May Give A Wise Man CounselA Fool Of ManA Foolish Son Is A Calamity For The Parents
A For Mal OrderA Forced Kindness Deserves No ThanksA Forehand
A FortioriA Foult Once Denied Is Twice CommittedA Fox Is Not Taken Twice In The Same Snare
A Fox Never Dies In The Dirt Of His Own DitchA FrameA Friend In Court Makes The Process Short
A Friend In Need Is A Friend IndeedA Friend In The Court Makes The Process ShortA Friend In The Market Is Better Than Money In The Chest
A Friend Is Another SelfA Friend Is Easier Lost Than FoundA Friend Is Never Known Till One Has Need
A Friend Married Is A Friend LostA Friend To Everybody Is A Friend To NobodyA Friendly House Is The Best Of Houses
A Full Complement OfA Full GorgeA Full Purse Makes The Mouth Speak
A Full Purse Makes The Mouth To SpeakA Full Purse Never Lacks FriendsA G
A Gas Incapable Of Being Reduced To A LiquidA GeneralA General View
A Gentle Heart Is Tied With An Easy ThreadA Gentleman Without Living Is Like Pudding Without SweetA Giant Will Starve On What Surfeits A Dwarf
A Gift Will Make Its Way Through Stone-WallsA Glut In The MarketA Gogo
A Going ConcernA Gold Or Silver BridgeA Golden Age

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